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Social media demographics to drive your brand’s online presence

Understanding the social media demographics of each platform is an essential step to take before determining which platforms make the most sense for your brand to utilise. Each social media network comes in a different shape and size, with its own content strategy and user base, so there’s no one size fits all technique. You don’t want to waste your time creating content for a platform where your audience doesn’t actually have a large presence.

Instead, you want to invest your valuable time promoting the platforms where your people live. If that’s on Instagram, you’ll want to spend time creating and curating graphics and images to share, and so on and so forth. Adapting your content strategy for each platform your audience uses is a great way to engage them. And step one is knowing what those platforms are.

To get started, let’s dive into each individual social network’s demographics. To quickly find the social media demographics you’re looking for, click on any of the anchor links below to jump to that specific network:

How to pull your own social demographics

Data tells us; age, gender, and location information for the people who tend to use each website and social media platform, but why not take this a step further? All platforms have insights available which you can use to find out the demographics of the actual people following you to make sure this is in line with your target audience. These insights are your tools to create and deliver strong, engaging content and can get you started improving your overall social media strategy. 

Original Article (some amendments made here) by Chloe West from Sprout Social

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