Instagram demographics

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has grown in both features and its user base since its inception in 2010. Since the addition of Stories and IGTV in the last few years, its user base has only increased in size.

Instagram is home to 35% of all US adults with 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users. Its Stories feature alone boasts 400 million daily active users.

instagram demographic data 2019

Instagram age & gender demographics

Instagram leans towards a much younger audience than that of Facebook, appealing to teens and young adults with its straightforward, photo-centric design and ease of use.

The photo-heavy platform is also more popular among women than men, with 39% of online women using Instagram vs. 30% of online men.

Instagram location demographics

Over 80% of Instagram’s user base resides outside of the US, with a few of the top countries including Brazil, India, and countries throughout Europe.

For US social media users, here is the breakdown of use by region:

  • 42% of adults living in urban areas use Instagram.
  • 34% of adults living in suburban areas use Instagram.
  • 25% of adults living in rural areas use Instagram.

Instagram education demographics

  • 29% of adults with a high school diploma or less use Instagram.
  • 36% of adults with some college experience use Instagram.
  • 42% of adults who graduated college use Instagram.

Instagram income demographics

  • 30% of adults who make less than $30,000 use Instagram.
  • 42% of adults who make between $30,000–$49,999 use Instagram.
  • 32% of adults who make between $50,000–$74,999 use Instagram.
  • 42% of adults who make over $75,000 use Instagram.