All Social Media Demographics

Now that we’ve taken a look at the six most popular social media platforms and their demographics, let’s take a look at all social media demographics as a whole.

  • 68% of adults use Facebook.
  • 35% of adults use Instagram.
  • 24% of adults use Twitter.
  • 25% of adults use LinkedIn.
  • 29% of adults use Pinterest.
  • 27% of adults use Snapchat.

With Facebook’s user base comprising nearly double the second most popular social media network’s user base, it’s no surprise that it’s still king in the social media world.

However, digging into the detailed demographics above can help you better target your specific personas and audience niche. When working on your social media strategy, be sure to take these social media demographics into account so that you can find and target your audience online. 

Social Media Demographics Infographic

social media demographics 2019

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