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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

Springtime is upon us. It’s time to dust out the cobwebs from winter, assess what’s holding us back and make space for growth. Spring cleaning isn’t exclusive to your garage or wardrobe, however. It’s very useful to Spring clean your social media!

And while nothing feels better than clearing out the old and making room for the new, it can be hard to look objectively at what is working and what isn't.  So what do you have lurking in your social media closet that needs a spring clean?


In a social media world which is a dense, crowded, noisy, smoggy urban jungle, simple tactics are no longer effective. Without a clear process of setting goals, creating strategies and analysing the data, your message gets lost and is never heard from again.

The one thing that’s remained constant is that customers still look for ways to align themselves with brands that matter to them.

It’s clear that sifting through the crowded urban jungle is getting more difficult. Companies should be aware of the overgrowth that inevitably comes and Spring clean their social media.

Springtime means it’s time to assess what you’re currently doing on social media and decide what’s working, what’s not working, and clear away anything that’s not getting you to your goals.

5 Top Tips to Spring Clean Your Social Media

The following five actions will help you succeed with social media marketing and hopefully, motivate you to find new ways to improve.

1. Stop posting meaningless content

This is content that’s generic, run-of-the-mill, or uninspired.

Think about it this way: if a TV station played the same show over and over, even with different actors, how long would it take for you to stop tuning in?

Don’t invite your fans, followers and prospects to “change the channel.” Refrain from posting these types of meaningless content:

  • Articles from larger media outlets that everyone else can post too.
  • Content created for you by your “social media marketing company” that they’re posting on every other one of their other clients’ social media profiles.
  • Boring content that no one wants to engage with.
  • Spammy, ‘salesy’ messages that turn people off because it’s too much, too soon.

2. Strategy before tactics

We hear from businesses who think, “Social Media isn’t a place for us. It doesn’t work for our business.” Most of the time, these companies have not defined their goals for social media. They have no real strategy and resort to the latest tips, tricks or hacks. When that fails, they blame the medium.

Businesses who start with a strong strategy to reach their goals never need to blame. They simply execute, monitor, analyse and adapt as they go.

There are no shortcuts to social media success.

There ARE smart strategies that save time, money and human resources. Social media strategy is the shortcut to exceeding your goals.

3. Engage Your Team

Let’s face it: creating content for your website and social media can be super hard. But, it doesn’t have to be if you “crowdsource” your ideas.

Your most valuable asset for social media is your team.

Many of them are probably already using social media to network and engage with prospects. Engage employees by inviting them to share their expertise. Tap their enthusiasm to encourage other employees to participate.

When employees’ ideas are published online, they become more visible to prospects. You get great content, they get to be recognised experts. The business looks smarter because its employees are smart.

Remember no matter what size your business is, always implement a social media policy to protect the business and guide employees on best practices.

4. Reassess Your Customer Preferences

Successful marketing solves customer’s problems. Social media is a communication tool to answer their questions, solve their problems and stay in touch.

Customer preferences and social channels (along with their algorithms) shift over time.

Having a communication line open 24/7 requires regular reassessment of what’s most important. Reassess your social channels and content assets now.

Meaningful content is the driver. Create content that illustrates one or more of the following:

  • Connectivity (how the business has made itself available to its customers).
  • One of a kind experience.
  • Value for time and money.
  • Acknowledgement and understanding.
  • Social responsibility (how the business gives back and supports the community).

5. Create New Habits

Once you’ve cleared away the old, there’s room to replace it with new habits to reach your goals.

  • Develop a strong social media strategy that adapts to your customer’s changing needs. Remember: without goals and strategies, you will not establish ROI.
  • Audit your current marketing expenses to make sure everything you’re doing is getting the results you desire.
  • Designate at least one savvy team member to oversee your digital reputation.
  • Set yourself up for success by using a Content Calendar to plan the topics you want to discuss and publish.
  • Discover new tools and update your publishing process.

Social media marketing is not easy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling you the whole truth.  However, it’s not difficult to get the right resultsIf you’re not getting the answers you need, connect with us

Your goal this Spring to spring clean your social media. Focus your attention on strategy to deliver content your customers will engage with, you've got this! 

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