Some say social media is easy, but aligning your social investment to business goals to drive desired outcomes takes more than a pretty Facebook page!

We are experts in Social Media, offering businesses and organisations social media services at very competitive prices. No time or knowledge to implement effective Social Media Marketing? We recognise that your time is valuable and better spent elsewhere. Wanting to upskill your team to deliver your Social Media Goals? Let Connec+ put together a training programme which delivers results.

Connec+ will tap your business into the power of social media to increase brand awareness, build and nurture communities and earn the support of loyal brand influencers. We help you better understand your audience, empower your employees and develop an integrated social and digital platform that works even when you’re not working. Our strategic social media plans provide you with tactics you can implement today, not just dream about tomorrow!

Though we like to tailor Social Media solutions to each business or organisation, we do have basic packages to suit your needs and budgets, ensuring a dedicated service with proven results.

Move your business or organisation forward and step into the social world with Connec+. Let us take your business to the people you thought impossible to reach.

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There is an old retail adage that says, “the only thing constant in retail is change”. Today we all spend so much time “in” our business that we don’t allow the time to spend “on” our business. Every year you should look at your store, its branding and its communication strategy, but just as importantly you must look at your customers’ lives and how you fit in.

We have been retailers so we understand what happens on the shop floor and therefore create solutions and empower teams which deliver results. Working together, Connec+ focuses on improving Business Performance, Team Performance and looking at Expansion Opportunities which will improve your bottom line, your market share and the culture and development of your team. Importantly Connec+ are a start to finish solution, we work with you to develop a strategy and will create and implement programmes of change to deliver the strategy and monitor the progress of the programmes to ensure that they deliver to the business objectives. Connec+ is one of the few businesses to offer a full solution to retailers, ensuring all strategies are developed to contribute to overall business growth. Our workable solutions are practical, change behaviours and deliver financial results.

Business Performance - Connec+ will work with you to look at solutions to improve the processes and procedures of your store, the instore experience, your online/offline experience and most importantly create a positive impact on your bottom line.

Team Performance - Customer Experience will ensure that not only your sales grow but a robust training programme will mean you have a happy team how love turning up to work. We work from the bottom up with sales and customer service programmes to lift the in store experience and management training to ensure your store is performing to optimal levels and all team members are engaged in the process.

Expansion Opportunities - Digital and Social can be an extension of your store presence. Pop-Up can be an extension of your online presence. In the environment we live in today the world is changing rapidly and there are new concepts to grow your bottom dollar, Connec+ works with our clients to create new revenue opportunities which work for your business.

Uniquely we also offer large retailers the opportunity to utilise our expertise for area or national retail management positions, providing an expert interim solution to address specific requirements or business concerns.

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Connec+ Digital is focused on building your brand through digital marketing. ‘Build it and they will come’ isn’t going to grow your business. Let us bring your digital dreams to fruition with an integrated digital platform that works even when you’re not working.

Your website and digital presence is your window to the world. Make sure it is telling the real story of who you are and what you have to offer. But how can you be sure that your digital touchpoints are on brand and delivering your business goals? Connec+ is dedicated to helping all businesses build a competitive advantage online. Our team is experts at developing digital strategies to target, capture and convert prospects into loyal customers, while still looking after your current customer's needs. Our focus is to create smarter digital solutions that will help achieve your business goals.

At Connec+ we don't practise with your money. We've done the hard work already so we know what works, meaning you can maximise your return on your digital investment.

A cornerstone of our business is our ability to design and develop bespoke websites for desktop, tablet and mobile devices at a price your business can afford. Whether you are wanting an e-commerce solution or an informational site for your business, Connec+ has the skills, experience and passion for delivering the right results for your business.

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At Connec+ we are lucky enough to have experts in Social Media, Email Marketing, Retail and Shopify. And even better, we want to share our knowledge with you, so you can grow your business online or instore and have real conversations with your customers.

Our training programmes are for you if:
- You want to grow your business but don't have the in-house resources to upskill either yourself or your team;
- Have been trying everything to grow your business, but are not seeing results;
- Have employed new team members;
- Don't know what good results are or how to get them;
- Want to learn from someone who understands your sector, not just an out of the box generic offer;
- Want to be the best!

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Connec+ are a small business generating big results for our clients. We provide Shopify set up services, POS integration and ongoing digital and omni-channel support and strategy to ensure you get the most out of your online business. We create beautiful functional interfaces and develop successful digital strategies based on results.

We’ve helped dozens of satisfied clients get their businesses online and generate web-based revenue using Shopify. Whether your business is just starting out, small to medium or large and established we’ll create the digital solution to fit your business needs and your budget.

We focus on quality design, functionality and fast turn-arounds, so that we can get your online business up and running and expertly marketed.

Whatever you're after, we’re always happy to have an obligation-free chat to discuss your needs and work out how Connec+ can add value to your business.



Connec+ are your retail experts. We've been retailers & that knowledge means we understand what works. That's why we choose Shopify POS.

Shopify POS lets you and your products shine. Everything you need to sell across multiple locations and channels, accept payments and offer standout customer experiences.

Talk to us today about the best point of sale system for small to medium retailers.

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