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Even Santa Is Getting Social

Connect Plus Blog - even santa needs social media
Creating content doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to connect with your followers especially during the holidays. Step out of your usual boundaries and go above and beyond to entertain your readers while getting great results for your business. Think of it from the customer’s perspective. Would you want to read or watch dull content during this jolly season? Definitely not.
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Last Minute Christmas Tips (Yes Last Minute!)

Connect Plus Christmas Promotions
So despite the New Years resolution to be on top of your Christmas marketing, you got busy in your business and yet again you've have left your Christmas Promotional planning to the last minute (yes mid-November is fairly last minute!). Don't worry the Connect Plus girls have your back with some quick tips to make the most of the season.
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What Do Your Online Touchpoints Say About Your Brand

Connect Plus What Do Your Online Touchpoints Say About Your Brand

In an age of Social Media, Omni-Channel Retailing and extending global connections, the choices are becoming greater by the day for consumers. With so much choice, we are becoming more and more driven by price and service when making buying decisions. The flow on effect from this means that businesses are needing to shift focus to brand recognition, values and a strong reputation for great products and services in order to keep customers on board.  Keeping up can be daunting, but there are some simple things you can do to help to improve customer retention within your business and keep your brand heart beating strongly.

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Acquisition In A Digital World

Acquisition In A Digital World - Connect Plus

Developing strong customer acquisition and customer retention strategies are extremely important to your business’ longevity and to your online reputation. Though the cost associated and overall time spent to acquire customers is typically higher than that of customer retention, both elements have a direct effect on a business’ success and should be regarded equally. With the ever-growing Internet and Social Media space small and large businesses alike have enormous opportunities to reach new prospects and hold on to their established clients.  

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There's Help Out There

Connect Plus Blog - Digital Helpers for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, having a digital toolkit to help run your business will not only give you back some time but will ensure that your business looks and runs like a successful business.  These beauties are Connect Plus must-have tools, we just couldn’t successfully run our business without them in fact!

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Christmas Just Got A Whole Lot More Social

Connect Plus christmas social

Social Media Marketing works when it connects with our emotions, and no seasonal selling period has the opportunity to connect emotionally than Christmas. So why do so many retailers focus on discounting rather than connecting with their customers? Evoking emotion is a way of tapping into motivation, a way of bypassing pure logic alone, and a way of demonstrating that your brand cares about things, that it has a personality and a ‘human side’. It makes the brand more relatable and easier to trust. All this will result in more shares, more enthusiasm, and more engagement from your audiences. So this Christmas, be social. 

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