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It's a new year and that means new goals to make it the best yet!

Connect Plus 2017 Goal Blog

Each year we set ourselves five goals to help keep us focused on business and personal growth.  We got together in December and worked through the five most important things we want for Connect Plus in 2017 and to keep us accountable here they go!

Number 1:

We want to be at the forefront of innovation for our clients so each of us is embarking on our own training programme so we can continue to grow and learn something new. Alongside other training, I've just signed up for the No Challenge, and while it's giving the team many a laugh it's great to actually put yourself out there so you celebrate getting a No.  What I've learned so far, getting a "no" is not the end of the world, not challenging yourself is! 

Number 2:

It was there last year and it's just as important that we keep check of our work/life balance and be present with our families when we are not in the office! Our families and cats need to see more of us (other than laying over the keyboard for attention, that's the cats, not the family) and it helps us recharge for the next day. We are also keen to learn new ways to unwind and switch off so when we are in the office we are delivering at the highest possible standard. 

Number 3:

Give Back.  While we are only a small business we want to give back to our community this year and help a charity with their fundraising. Not only will we be using our skills to help build a stronger community for our families, it will also give us the opportunity to network with like-minded businesses.

Number 4:

Get our training programmes delivered!  We have a huge amount of training programmes we are ready to launch to help your small business grow and succeed in 2017.  So why are the Connect Plus programme's better than anything else out there? Approachable Content, Ongoing Support and Follow Up and Price!  We can't wait to start delivering them! (Finally)

Number 5:

Be Us!  There are so many things a small business agency can do but we want to focus on what we love doing and doing lots of it.  Come the end of 2017, when you think Retail Digital Marketing, you'll be thinking, Connect Plus. Being Us, is also about who we are as a brand and we want to showcase more of that throughout the year. 

Here's to the best 2017 you can imagine!

Aimee x

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