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Even Santa Is Getting Social

Social media campaigns may seem like an obvious Christmas marketing tool but social networks with millions of built-in, active audiences often go under-utilised by small and mid-sized business that don’t always have the time, resources and budget to support them. And when social media is increasingly used by consumers to research, discover and purchase products online -- particularly during the holiday season, why wouldn’t you want to talk to prospective consumers?

The true beauty of social promotions is that you don’t need a large budget to establish a presence and gain an audience, giving small-medium businesses, a level playing with the big guys. Here are some easy social activities you can do to start enjoying the marketing gift that keeps on giving this holiday season:

  • Establish a strong connection with your readers and gain new ones by getting out of your shell this season. Get in the festive mood with your readers and show them that you and your team are real people, too.
  • What can we learn from Santa? To plan ahead! Learn and prepare to carry out what strategies are best for your team. Analyse what’s worked for you in the past years and what hasn’t. Just like your consumers, no one wants to get stuck working during the holiday break. Especially with the rise of mobile devices, you’ll want to plan and schedule all of your social media content ahead of time so they are seen while people are scrolling on their new holiday toys.
  • Creating a short video to share with your followers is a great way to provide great content if done correctly. Get into the holiday spirit by recording a short, yet interesting video, and you’ll be sure to grab your usual readers’ attention and possibly gain new readers.

Creating content doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to connect with your followers, especially during the holidays. Step out of your usual boundaries and go above and beyond to entertain your readers while getting great results for your business. Think of it from the customer’s perspective. Would you want to read or watch dull content during this jolly season? Definitely not. Need help with your Social Media Marketing? Connect with Connect Plus today. Remember, even Santa needs a strong social game! 

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