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Your Business on Pinterest - Part Two

Now that you have your boards up and running on Pinterest, it is important to look at how you can utilise Pinterest to make sales!

Have a “Pin It” Button on your website

By having a pin it button on your products, you have a fantastic opportunity for fans of your store to Pin their favourite products while browsing your site.  After all, sharing is caring, and the more exposure you can get for your business and products services the better!

Check your links!

Make sure that what you are pinning links the user back in one click to your website.  Where possible if you have uploaded content directly from your computer, ensure that you have a link to it in your pin description – Help people find you!

Use the “Rich Pin” Feature

Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. Right now, there are five types of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product and place.

Product Pins: Include real time pricing, availability and where to buy

Place Pins: Include Maps, addresses and phone numbers

Recipe Pins: Include Cooking Time, Serving Info and ingredients

Movie Pins: Include ratings, who is in the cast and help Pinners to learn about new movies

Rich Pins give much more information right on the face of the pin, and increase the likelihood of a click through to your site.

Pins with prices attract 36% more likes than those without

Promoted Pins – Coming Soon!

Pinterest is currently trialling Promoted Pins.  It will work in a similar manner to Facebook where you can pay to gain exposure for a particular post, thus increasing the reach of your product or service – watch this space!

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

While you want to focus your attention on your customers, you also want to watch your competitors. What are they doing to drive sales on Pinterest? What type of pins are working for them. By keeping a close eye on content that is popular and gaining results, you too can ride the wave of success!

As mentioned in the previous blog, Pinterest is and almost entirely visual platform! So spend time (and a bit of investment) in getting beautiful imagery – don’t forget beautiful imagery can be utilised across all of your social and website platforms – so it’s a win win!

Happy Pinning Everyone!

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