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Christmas is all around me ...

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It's been a while between posts, sorry about that everyone!  But now it's October we can say why without the fear of inciting a riot .... Christmas!  Yes, it's all around and as the tinsels hits the shop floor as a business you know that it means several things:

  1. You are wondering where the year went 
  2. Christmas Promotion? Again?
  3. Your team are planning their holidays
  4. You're planning your Christmas rosters
  5. Your clients are planning their Christmas budgets
  6. And yup, as a business owner the stress levels are to explode the fairy lights

So we pulled together a few of our favourite things, Christmas Blog style, to help you through the planning, and a word to the wise if you haven't got your Christmas plan sorted, (did we mention it was only 79 days till Christmas) we're sorry to add to the stress but it's almost too late! 

If you need Santa's little helpers to help you build your Christmas Promotion please connect with us to discuss, it's one of our favourite times of the year and we would love to make it yours too 

Ho Ho Ho everyone xx

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