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Bringing Christmas Back

Sorry, another Christmas Blog! But you won't be sorry if you follow our simple tips.

Christmas, it's a word that strikes terror into the best business owner, marketer or anyone working in retail but it's also the most wonderful time of the year with 40% of revenue for many businesses coming from the month of December alone.  

If that's not enough to get you planning then you need to ensure that you are embracing all forms of marketing mediums into your promotions and if you don't have an online store you may want to consider that 96% of Christmas shoppers are planning to do some of their Christmas shopping online, with 48% of shoppers advising they would do at least half their shopping online!  That's a lot of sales you could be missing out on.  As for mobile sites, 64% of smartphone shoppers are planning to spend more on their mobiles this Christmas than last year, so time to get that mobile site sorted!! And most importantly don't forget your social platforms, two-thirds of shoppers use social media to find the perfect gift.

So you get the picture, Christmas is something you need to plan (even though it's only August), to ensure you maximise the opportunities the season brings.

So what are the key elements do you need as part of your Chrismas Campaign:

  • What's your Christmas Theme - what is your tone and look, how do you want Christmas to feel at your business? Talk to your graphic designer and get all your marketing material planned now
  • Brainstorm a list of creative post/marketing ideas perfect for each marketing medium
  • Print a calendar and drop in key dates - make a note of extended hours, important shipping dates 
  • Diary your email marketing campaigns
  • Diary website updates that need to be made 
  • Diary your social media calendar - use scheduling where you can to take some of the stress out of the season
  • If you are planning a VIP event for customers drop it into the calendar and make a note of what you need to deliver a fantastic customer experience - it's the perfect time of the year to make your customer feel special

And most importantly, remember that Christmas isn't about discounts and one-day sales, it's about family, love and giving so make sure your overarching campaign reflects this (the discounting etc is part of the promotional plan but it isn't your Christmas Campaign).  

Need help planning your Christmas Promotional Strategy? Connect with us to discuss what you want to achieve this Christmas and let's get the till ringing!

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