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Are You So Focused On Disruption, You're Not Paying Attention To Your Clients?

Disruption, the buzzword that seemly strikes fear into business sectors across the globe and one we would like to go back to simply meaning, "disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process". And please, please, please, do not use it to describe your offer to the market or in a seminar about 'how your sector has been disrupted'. Let's just call it what it really is; delivering a customer-centric strategy
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Let's Play Social Media Bingo

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Social Media success, it sounds simple enough but like social media, it’s not as simple as it looks. Social media is becoming an ever more important part of an organisation’s media mix. Accordingly, organisations are starting to manage Social Media Platforms like traditional offline and online media. And just as all businesses are different, so too are their response to managing social media. If you are a larger organisation, you have your defined Social Media function and you do your job. But if you are a team of one, how can you best manage your Social Media presence to achieve your business objectives, and still manage to run your business? We call it Social Media Bingo.

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Sometime Size Doesn't Matter

Being small doesn’t mean going unnoticed.  Think about David and Goliath.  Smaller in size, David strategically used his slingshot to attack Goliath’s weak spot.  And, just as in business, small businesses need to maximise their strategic strengths to enable their business to appear larger than it actually is while still celebrating their competitive advantage over their larger counterparts. Small businesses tend to have limited resources. As a result, the classic small business has to run from project to project and emergency to emergency rather than getting on track to achieve their business objectives. So what can your small business do to get noticed and get on course to achieve your goals?

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Do You Understand The Wants and Needs Of Your Customers?

The connected customer has emerged as the driving force in a world of constant innovation, mobility, and disruption. New technologies have put customers in the driver’s seat of the marketplace giving them power over which brands sink or swim in the digital age. Businesses that treat customers with awareness and intelligence and put the customer experience at the centre of their business strategies will succeed in this new connected world. 

It all sounds so simple, so why in 2018 are we still asking if your business is as connected as your customers?  And today more than any time in history, you customer is; Connected, Empowered, Purposeful. You've heard the terms but how can businesses keep up with their evolving expectations?

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Running A Facebook Competition, There Are Rules


When setting up your social media competition consider this, what is the outcome you are wanting? Is a competition going to achieve this or are you gaining unengaged followers who are only in it for the prize, not because they feel a connection to your business? The key to success on Social Media is to have an engaged audience, not having the largest number of followers, so don't let ego blur your vision.  So what are the rules? And are you breaking them?

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Want To Grow Your Business, Start A Relationship With Your Customers

Developing strong customer acquisition and customer retention strategies are extremely important to your business’ longevity and to your online reputation. Though the cost associated and overall time spent to acquire customers is typically higher than that of customer retention, both elements have a direct effect on a business’ success and should be regarded equally. With the ever-growing Internet and Social Media space small and large businesses alike have enormous opportunities to reach new prospects and hold on to their established clients.  

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