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Why Is Being Busy A Badge of Honour?

Today, more people are wearing being busy as a badge of honour. But for the rest of us, we want to manage our time. So why is time management, the age-old dilemma harder to find than the hunt for the holy grail? Here are our top tips to take charge of time and get organised?
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Are Your Online Touch Points On Brand 

In an age of Social Media, Omni-Channel Retailing and extending global connections, the choices are becoming greater by the day for consumers. With so much choice, we are becoming more and more driven by price and service when making buying decisions. The flow on effect from this means that businesses are needing to shift focus to brand recognition, values and a strong reputation for great products and services in order to keep customers on board.  Keeping up can be daunting, but there are some simple things you can do to help to improve customer retention within your business and keep your brand heart beating strongly.

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Why Is Your Most Important Digital Touchpoint Static?

We get so focused on our content calendars for Social Media and Email promotions that we often forget our most important digital footprint … our website. Or too often small business owners treat their website as a one-off exercise, never to be updated until the cobwebs are settling in. Your website is like a living creature that needs to be constantly fed and cared for if it is to do everything you want it to do. And that means regular updates – critical to the success of your website and to keep you ahead of your competitors. So what can you do to make your website work harder for you? 

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Time To Check Your Goals for 2018

They say a goal without a plan is just a dream and so at the end of 2017 we sat down and set our goals for 2018 with a focus on building on what we have achieved to date to deliver the best possible service for our clients to enable them to achieve their goals. Time to drag out those goals and check your progress. So how are the Connect Plus team going with their five goals?
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Our Top 5 Little Helpers

Cloud-based digital tools are providing a golden age for small businesses with tools that have previously been out of the reach of the small business owner now are accessible through easier to manage cost structures.Read more