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Our Top News Stories 4 March 19

Pintergram? Instagram code reveals public collections function

If you're not already using Instagram's collection feature, where have you been? This fantastic feature allows you to privately save Insta posts into easy to toggle collections, & now word is collections are about to go public. READ MORE

Why retailers going ‘green’ is a double-edged sword

With the new ‘green’ image being touted by retailers comes the question – are these businesses are taking a moral stand because they believe in the change & helping the environment, or are they simply pandering to the new conscious consumer? READ MORE 

How to Surprise, Delight and Retain More Customers

For every paying customer you lose, you have to expend five times the effort and funds to replace them. Besides that key statistic, there are other reasons for surprising and delighting your customers. In almost every business, you'll find that one of your most reliable and consistent lead generation sources comes from referrals from existing customers. Here are some customer retention best practices for keeping and growing your current customers READ MORE 

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