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Our News Stories 10 March 2019

Top retailers share how they’re powered by data

Top retailers share how they’re powered by data to drive their business and improve customer experience. Via The Register. READ MORE 

Key takeaways from Women in Leadership Breakfast 2019

Over 100 women in retail leadership roles came together on Wednesday for Inside Retail’s annual Women in Leadership Breakfast to share their experiences in the workplace, the challenges they face and how they are working to be diverse leaders in the industry. READ MORE

How to survive (and outsmart) the Instagram algorithm in 2019

We need to talk about the Instagram algorithm. And if just seeing the word “algorithm” freaks you out, we get it. In this guide, we’ll break down the state of the Instagram algorithm as we know it and how to increase your reach. READ MORE 

Spending on local online stores outpaces bricks and mortar

While online ecommerce sales continue to outpace bricks in mortar sales in New Zealand, it's local online stores driving the increase as kiwis choose local over international. READ MORE

23 Pinterest Statistics That Matter to Marketers in 2019

Here are the most important Pinterest statistics marketers need to know to plan and execute a successful Pinterest strategy for their brand. READ MORE 

The 'Amazon Effect': How E-commerce Will Change in 2019 and Beyond

The “Amazon Effect,” a term used to describe’s success, which has upended retail practice & customer expectations, but that doesn’t mean that Amazon is the only e-commerce player that will matter in 2019. READ MORE 

Using Facebook Awareness Ads for Local SEO

If you want to combine your Ad Campaign and your Local Search Marketing strategy, check out Facebook awareness ads. #SproutPartner, Caz Bevan, shares her insights on Disruptive Ads. READ MORE  

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