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News Round Up 21 April 2019

New Zealand chief executives fail to disrupt

A recent report has found that Kiwi retail leadership tends to be more conservative, and innovation in the market has largely been driven by international disruption. The report notes a distinct lack of such disruptive leaders in New Zealand and Australia. Instead, businesses here are being disrupted. READ MORE 

How to one-up your competition with social media industry analysis

Social Media is a prime place to conduct industry analysis. If you want a better understanding of what your competitors are doing or what your customers want, the information is out in the open. That is, if you’re listening for it. READ MORE

How our retailers stack up in the Tearfund Ethical Survey

Where has your favourite brand rated in this years Tearfund Ethical Survey? The fashion guide gives insight into our retail brand's ethical standards of production. Will your brand's rating change who you purchase from? READ MORE  

Why is Digital Marketing so Important for Business in 2019? [Infographic]

By now, you no doubt understand that digital marketing, in its various forms, should be a key part of any modern business approach. But are you aware of the various ways in which digital marketing can benefit your company, and how consumers now rely on social media, SEO and other tools to make their product discoveries and purchase decisions? Check out this handy infographic - READ MORE 

Kiwis less likely to be brand “fans” than Aussies

Customers in New Zealand are less likely to be “fans” of brands, and are more likely to be “disappointed” by their shopping experience than customers in Australia, and surprisingly Kiwi's rated product range above service. READ MORE 

5 tips for getting your small business social media up to speed 

Social media marketing can be overwhelming. But it’s also a highly effective marketing channel, ideal for starting conversations with your audience, sharing relevant information, getting feedback and taking the overall pulse of your brand. That’s why nearly 80% of businesses have dedicated social media teams. But how do small business, with small budget get up to speed? READ MORE 

How to stand out in the era of distraction

What does brand look like in the fourth industrial revolution? It’s a question New Zealand businesses need to answer for themselves, says managing director Darren Kirkland. READ MORE 

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