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The State of Social Media in Retail 2019

Video content marketing has become the key to marketing success for many brands operating on social media. The most compelling role for video might be in cracking the commerce code. In Asia, social commerce adoption has been swift with 70% of China’s Gen Zers now opting to buy direct from social, but elsewhere social commerce hasn’t kept pace. Video will prove to be a critical bridge to encourage social buying. Read more in Hootsuite's The State of Social Media in Retail 2019 

Allbirds imposes a carbon tax on itself

Allbirds used Earth Day to announce it's going Carbon Neutral in 2019. Proving that cool can be ethical too. Launched in 2014 with the goal of creating sustainable sneakers, which at the time this meant using sustainably sourced renewable materials–like wool, eucalyptus, and sugar–rather than oil-based plastic, which is what most sneakers are made of. They tried to keep their carbon footprint low, but it was not neutral. Allbirds is now self-imposing a carbon tax on every piece of footwear it makes which will help fund NativeEnergy projects in three areas: replanting Amazon rainforest, developing wind farms in India and a project to trap methane from landfill and meat production. READ MORE 

How to foolproof your Facebook advertising strategy

It’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach has taken a nosedive. Recent algorithm changes have basically forced businesses to invest in paid campaigns or abandon ship. But before you write off Facebook as a lost cause, think again. Facebook is still the preferred place for 97% of marketers to run paid ads for a reason. After all, Facebook boasts the largest user-base of any social network and one of the most engaged. READ MORE 

Retailers talk coming out on top in the 2019 Ethical Fashion Report

As consumers become increasingly more conscious in their purchasing decisions and look for more sustainable products, brands are working harder to meet these new expectations. Following on from last weeks article on the 2019 Tearfund Ethical Survey, The Register sat down with three companies who scored highly about what they’re doing right, and what other companies can learn from them. READ MORE 

Facebook's Testing a New, Stories-Like, 'Swipeable' News Feed

As Facebook looks to evolve in line with user behaviors, and meet rising demand for new formats, The Social Network is experimenting with a new News Feed layout which would enable users to side-scroll through the posts in their feed, the same as how they can through Stories. READ MORE 

Social Proof: Your Most Influential Marketing Asset and How to Use It

Cold traffic can be hard to convert. New visitors don't just become customers the first time they come across your business—you need to earn their trust first. Social proof, however, can facilitate that process. It’s one of the most effective levers an ecommerce business has for building trust, and it has the potential to become even more powerful as you grow. But what exactly is this fundamental marketing principle and how can you use it to influence visitors and drive sales? READ MORE 

Macpac debuts new format store in Australia

Macpac’s new Adventure Hub store format offers the full range of Macpac gear alongside other world-class outdoor brands while also featuring services to make preparing for a trip easier on customers - combining choice, education and inspiration to the shop floor. READ MORE 

Instagram Tests Hiding Like Counts to Reduce Focus on Vanity Metrics

As social media becomes more prominent, so too does the role it plays in society, whether that's in regards to the distribution of news content, the facilitation of groups and movements, or personal wellbeing, and how the use of such tools affects people's perception of self. And it's with wellbeing in mind that has led Instagram to test hiding like counts to reduce the focus on vainty metrics by marketers over more active, engaging activity. READ MORE  

Leveling up: Exploring multi-level marketing in New Zealand

As the retailer’s relationship with customers grows more and more important in a global marketplace, direct sellers are a valuable source of inspiration for mainstream retailers seeking to deepen their connection with shoppers. READ MORE


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