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Weekly Retail News - 13th March 2017

The only thing constant in retail is change.  And that's why we are bringing you the latest in retail news and trends in one accessible weekly feed. We update the feed throughout the week so check in and stay one step ahead of your competitors #youarewelcome

Why Retail Is Getting 'Experience' Wrong

Packaging-free grocery store GoodFor opens in Auckland

Be the hub: insights into becoming the community cornerstone

Quake-affected Queensgate Shopping Centre to re-open

Briscoe Group deliver with record results of $59.42 million

Neiman Marcus up for sale

Further ‘exceptional’ growth for Furla Group

Topshop launches Aussie e-commerce platform

Tracing the past for retail’s tomorrow

Bunnings UK looks to e-commerce

‘X marks the spot’ – TK Maxx to enter Australia

10 Technologies Changing How Bricks & Mortar Retail Stores Are Managed

How Kmart went from bargain basement to global success story

'Pro Hijab' Nike's Latest Stroke of Marketing Genius

Shut Up And Start Selling - How To Redirect From Sabotage To Retail Sales Success

Is this Bunnings or the Apple store?

Naked Brand Group and Bendon Limited Amend Merger Details

Branding is Commerce. Commerce is Branding

What Retailers Can Learn From A Hotel Makeover [Case Study]

 After $2 billion loss, Sears now ‘beyond repair’

The faux discounter

Debt and Amazon: a perfect storm

Navigating 2017: Opportunities in eCommerce

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