Social Media Audit
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Social Media Audit

Our Social Media Audit provides you with a best practice guide combined with a list of action items. Our feedback looks at your current content and gives you insights into what to modify and why so you can make your Social Media Platforms work for you.

How the Audits Work

Once you have booked your chosen audit we’ll send you a short survey via email so we have the best information to show you where your digital opportunities are.  As soon as you send this back we will get to work analysing your chosen platforms.  It takes between a week to two weeks to complete our analysis and then we will deliver a comprehensive digital audit with best practices and next steps for you to attract and engage more customers!

Our audits provide a detailed overview of what needs to be done to make your digital platforms perform at their very best. The reports are written in a way to help guide you, your developer, and your social marketing team to address the issues we discover. Our goal is to deliver you a personalised roadmap to success with your digital platforms. If you need help or have any further queries we are here to assist you.