What's My Why?

Life is for living!

2020 has been a challenge for a lot of people, myself included. The world as we know it has changed in so many ways and we’ve all been forced to adapt one way or another. So, when I sat down to think about ‘What’s My Why’ it is almost helpful that 2020 has given us a lot of time to be with our thoughts and to assess what is important.

I am an introvert at heart, quietly working away, and getting the job done. Working at Connec+ gives me the perfect pathway to be able to work with a diverse range of clients and feel like I am part of their teams and contributing to their successes.

It is a great feeling being able to help, give advice, and contribute toward solving any issues that might be holding them back. Problem solving is one of my big things, I get a real buzz out of finding solutions that really work.

I also love seeing a project coming together. Particularly websites when they have a balance mix of great photography, graphics and well put together colour palettes and branding. I’m always looking at any website with my design eye! But it’s also great to see when thought has been put into the ‘experience’ – I’m definitely passionate about making it easy for the customer to get what they need online and offline.

From a personal perspective, my why revolves around being active. I try to do something every day to keep my body moving. The advantage of working from home and not running off a strict office schedule means I can (almost) always find time to make this happen, and for this I am so grateful. I absolutely feed off nature and the outdoors, so having weekends to decompress from the world of social is also important to me.

I have a great network of friends and family who are the other big part of my why. They look out for me, and I for them. If there is ever a celebration, crisis or just a need to catch up I can down tools to be there for them.

At the end of the day, it is what we are all striving for right? The balance of work, life, love and our passions, coming together in the perfect storm. I am so fortunate that Connec+ gives me the freedom and opportunity to live my why.

Sara x