What's My Why?

My why is to do what I love and what I’m good at to help our customers grow and to bring their brand story to life.

It’s quite simple, I love what I’m doing and that’s why I’m doing it - for almost 20 years now!

For me, this is not just any job, it’s a passion, something I love doing and I feel very lucky to have found an occupation that I truly love and that’s fulfilling.

Marketing is not just about nice graphics, unique logos and cool campaigns, it’s about connecting brands and services with real people to convert them into customers. Bringing brands to life and making businesses more accessible for customers is more important than ever.

A solid marketing strategy and a good creative plan are the key to long-term growth. Helping clients to build and execute their strategy is a challenging and diverse task. Every day is different, I work with different brands, for different sectors and with different people. Especially in Online and Social Media Marketing we are confronted with so many trends and new developments and we need to think fast to keep up with the pace. 

It never gets boring. I can use my analytical skills, my strong sense for detail as well as my creative side to successfully increase our clients’ businesses. And then, after a tough day in the office, when we get positive comments on a job, see clients’ social reach increasing or a campaign getting high engagement, I know it’s worth all the hard work.

I simply love it and it has become a very important part of my life. I always have to find new products in the supermarket to try out, I check the packaging and think about the design. I cannot see a campaign without thinking about the strategy and goals behind it. I discover new brands that inspire me every day and still cannot stop looking out for new inspiration. I have become one with my job and I like that – that’s my why.

Claudia x