Meet Claudia Weber


The lure of the golf greens brought Claudia's husband Yannick to New Zealand, and we think that is one of the best things to happen since sliced bread.  So after travelling halfway around the globe, Claudia settled into Kiwi life and looked for a new challenge to sink her teeth into. We can't tell you how excited we are to have Claudia as part of the Connec+ team (she even came with a Cat, Quattro, and that warms our hearts even more!)

Settle in and get to know Claudia from Connec+

Role: Digital Marketing Dream Queen 😊
Coming out of corporate FMCG life in Switzerland, i'm loving working with small business owners to grow their business and deliver their goals. I see ideas everywhere and never stop thinking about how they could be work for the Connec+ client family. 

What’s the best part about your job?
Getting to work for different businesses, brands, sectors and with different people. I like to have that variety of different tasks and challenges every day.

What’s your typical day?

My typical day always starts with a coffee! Then I make a list with the most important tasks for the day. And from there, every day is different. On some days I can focus for hours on my work and on some, I talk to clients a lot to discuss ideas, changes etc.

What’s your career highlight?
There are many. But I still remember my first product launch as Junior Brand Manager. Being part of the whole process from product development to design creation
and launch campaign was very exciting. And then seeing the product in store and people buying it was very exciting and rewarding.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully in a similar position. I love working in Marketing.

What advice would you give someone starting in the industry?
Be open to new ideas, they can come from somewhere unexpected and turn out as great opportunity.

Sustainability to you means?
Thinking more long term and making things that last and that many can benefit from and not just one.

Creativity means to you?
Don’t be afraid of speaking out loud your ideas and have the courage to be different. Some ideas seem crazy at first but then become innovative and successful concepts.

Social Media means to you?
Being connected, staying in touch with friends and family, expressing ideas and getting inspiration. And work of course, helping brands and businesses to grow.

Three words that describe you?
Reliable. Passionate. Fun.

Best advice you have ever received?
Sometimes you have to let things go and carry on.

Your hidden talent?
I can put my feet behind my head. 😊

What you love most about Spring?
Spring always feels like a fresh start after the cold winter months.

What you love most about Summer?
The sun, days are getting longer, BBQs and garden parties with friends.

Summer means to you?
Fun, good weather, beach, chilled rosé. 

What do you love most about Autumn?

When the trees change their colour.

What do you love most about Winter?
Cosy nights in front of the fireplace, everything seems to slow down a bit in winter.

What you’ll be wearing this season?

A new coat that I just bought and a cool pair of boots that I still need to find 😊 

What you love most about Christmas?
The family comes together. And I love making presents, especially for my nieces.

What are you hoping will be under the tree this Christmas?
The nice necklace I told my husband about… I know he keeps a list in his phone with things a mention throughout the year, so I always get something I really wanted.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

What do you want to achieve in 2020?
Success in my job and continuing enjoying our big adventure here in New Zealand 

Last book you read?
Surprise me by Sophie Kinsella

Next book you have to read?
I don’t know yet.

Favourite film?

Inception, The Departed, L’auberge espagnole, Midnight in Paris, Matchpoint, and there are many more…

Favourite TV/Netflix show?
The Blacklist, Suits

You never leave home without?
My phone

Artist that sparks your imagination?
I love the work from Claude Monet and Edgar Degas, their paintings let me dive into another world and I could look at them for hours.

Your biggest inspiration?
Probably my niece. She is questioning a lot what makes me go above and beyond.

Song you have on repeat?
This depends on my mood. American Woman by Lenny Kravitz, Hollywood Hills by Sunrise Avenue, Thunderstruck by AC/DC, All Summer Long by Kid Rock

Cats or Dogs?


Wish you could do?

You’re passionate about?
My job, travelling, shoes, time with my husband over a nice meal and a glass of wine

Mantra you live by?
Don’t regret things you cannot change, look forward and don’t make the same mistake twice.

What’s a moment that has stuck with you and changed your thinking?
When my mum had cancer, I realised how much my family means to me and how lucky I am to have a family who supports me in everything I do. You cannot take them for granted just because things have always been the same.

Can’t live without?
My cat, my husband, my phone

Minimalist or Maximalist?

Most Treasured item?

My cat, my husband and a ring and necklace I’ve got from my late grandmother.

My Office Town - Napier

Your Favourite Place to Eat In Napier
Indigo and Mexi Mama

Your Favourite Place to Shop In Napier
I prefer to shop when I travel, because I then have things others don’t and a have a nice reminder from my holidays.

Your Favourite Place to Play in Napier
Market St Bar. I love that Rose All Day is so important there that they show it with a Neon sign 😉

The Best Kept Secret in Napier
I can't tell you, because then it wouldn't be a secret!