Meet Bec Kyle


Aimee and Bec met over 3 decades ago (gracious!) at high school and love having the opportunity to combine their passions and skill sets to help small - medium businesses succeed

 With over 20 years’ experience working in marketing, events, retail and in client relationship & retention roles, settle in and get to know Bec from Connec+

Role: Digital Marketing Super Star

It’s hard not to notice when a business could benefit from the services that we offer at Connect+. What’s a no brainer for us though is sometimes not even considered by business owners – one potential reason: because it can be a pretty overwhelming thing to delve into without guidance. What we do can transform the identity of a business – and where budget may be minimal there are still plenty of options. With successful collaboration and commitment from the client, I love the fact that what we do can have impact on a business in a very short space of time – and that it’s easy for clients to see where and how. 

What’s the best part about your job?
The diversity of businesses we work with – amazing what you learn on a day to day basis and getting to meet the people behind the businesses too.

What’s your typical day?
Work for an hour before the kids wake up / make lunches, brekky, motivate my little people for the day ahead until they are on their way to school/check in on community projects/action stations for social media scheduling, working on different contracts, training, reading throughout the day/pick up my kids from school & after school activities/mum time with kids/dinner time/wine time! 

What’s your career highlight?
Successfully managing my own part-time consultant work whilst being a full time mum. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’ll be a mum of two teenagers (well, one nearly)/I would have booked my trip to Sri Lanka with my family / I’ll be still very involved with community projects in the area / and I’ll be working with a growing number of clients to help them navigate the field of social marketing – keeping life interesting.

What advice would you give someone starting in the industry?
Identify the big players, follow them, basically immerse yourself in what they do, do A LOT of reading about the range of channels and identify those you think would best for you, the type of clients you have and what you plan to offer.  

Sustainability to you means?
Depends on where it’s applied – in a nutshell, making your business sustainable means ensuring you meet your business goals and successes; ensuring that yours and your staff’s personal wellbeing is considered (with relevant good practise applied – social/ethical sustainability) and your businesses impact on the environment is minimal (ethical/environmental)

Creativity means to you?
Combining the use of your skills with your imagination / collaborating with others to create or come up with ideas, initiatives, etc. Artistic.

Social Media means to you?
Channels to market like FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc – platforms on which you can connect with people (friends, clients, colleagues) and businesses of interest.

Three words that describe you?
Friendly. Busy. Kind.

Best advice you have ever received?
Learn to enjoy time to yourself by taking time out - and make the most of it. 

What you love most about Spring?
Everything – the flowers, gardens, freesias especially – and everyone seems happier (more of a spring in their step)

What you love most about Summer?
The warmth, casual days at the lake, being together with friends and family, the beach, eating homegrown food from the garden, being outdoors

What do you love most about Autumn?

The changing colour of the leaves. Being in Central Otago - stunning at this time of year. Seeing the kids running through big piles of leaves raked up.

What do you love most about Winter?
Sitting in front of the fire with a glass of wine, watching the cold from indoors. Movie nights at home with the kids and hot chocolates.
Wrapping up warm for the odd walk on the beach.

What you’ll be wearing this season?
A lot of merino, hats and scarves if the winter temps so far are anything to go by!

What you love most about Christmas? 
Time with extended family and great friends, the food and wine. Spending whole days at the lake or the beach. We are either at Wanaka or the local surf club across the road from home.

What are you hoping will be under the tree this Christmas?
All Bird shoes and an organised day or night away with my hubby

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?
The intention is always there, but not really.

What do you want to achieve in 2020?
Better time management! 

Favourite Social Media Platform?
LinkedIn or Instagram – they both look tidy and have, I believe, a fixed role in the social media world.

What your go to hashtag?
Currently #hawkesbaynz while I’m immersing myself in Instagram. For relaxation though, it’s #homeandgarden.

What does your star sign tell us about you?
I’m a bit bossy, I’m a bit of an extrovert (I don’t like silent spaces in conversations and like everyone to feel welcome). I’m good fun.

What does your Chinese Zodiac Sign tell us about you?
The Tiger – that blue’s my colour, that I can be stubborn, but that I am optimistic, open and confident.

Your hidden talent?


Last book you read?

The One and Only Ivan

Next book you have to read?

Favourite film?
Right now, Cinderella (great message)

Favourite TV/Netflix show?

You never leave home without?
My phone

Artist that sparks your imagination?
Kirsty Warman

Your biggest inspiration?
My dad – his kindness, his intelligence, his calm and quiet manner, his quiet protests and his pride in those he cared about.

Song you have on repeat?
Little River Band, Cool Change – it’s brilliant and it reminds me of people who mean a lot to me.

Cats or Dogs?
Not sure about this – dogs I think, as I like their protective nature and the fact they can go anywhere. Cats too though as they’re pretty easy to have around. (we're unsure how this slipped through!)

Wish you could do?

Be more sporty – surfing and running mainly

You’re passionate about?
My friends and family

Mantra you live by?
Be happy with what you have in your life, or change it.

What’s a moment that has stuck with you and changed your thinking?
Losing my son. You can’t fix everyone’s problems – just be there when they need you.

Can’t live without?
My kids, my hubby and my friends. 

Minimalist or Maximalist?
Dependent on subject – think I’m a bit in between.

Most Treasured item?

My memorabilia boxes - they include lovely messages, photos and drawings from my kids, friends and family at both happy and sad times throughout my life.

My Office Town - Christchurch

Your Favourite Place to Eat In Christchurch

Level One in New Brighton

Your Favourite Place to Shop In Christchurch

Your Favourite Place to Play in Christchurch
At home with friends and family

The Best Kept Secret in Christchurch
New Brighton Beach, the community – the whole place