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Social News 27 March 2017

The week is underway and so is your social media news, so grab a cuppa and read through this week's updates, changes and the news you need for business success - remember we will be updating the feed throughout the week so check back in and stay socially up-to-date #youarewelcome

BBC Earth’s Messenger Chatbot Is Totally Awesome

Facebook Ads Now Offer Split Testing To Optimise Your Campaigns

Animation vs Still Images: Which One Wins?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Sales Funnel

 How To Market On Instagram

Facebook Expands Test of Facebook Stories, Their Next Big Snapchat Clone

10 Crucial Elements of Facebook Ads Landing Pages

The 3 Facebook Ad Tips You Need To Know

How To Save Your Instagram Live Video

Why All Businesses Should Be Using Facebook’s Messenger Ads

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