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The Importance of People - Retail as a Career

As passionate retailers, we have been told numerous times (and expect to be continued to be told) that retail isn’t a serious career - we would like some of the people who told us this to actually spend some time in retail and see just how serious it is!Read more

The Importance of People - Hiring for the Company You want to Be

Hiring and then retaining the right staff for your business is so important, after all, the right people are a company’s more important asset. If you get the process wrong, not only can it be expensive to your business, but it can also be damaging to your company reputation.  But hiring is a tough business so, how can you manage the process to set you and your business up for hiring success?  We have put together some key points to help you through the process.Read more

What can Hospitality learn from Retail regarding Customer Experience

As a keen frequent visitor of our hospitality friends establishments and with a public holiday this weekend it seemed a good time to write about a discussion I had with a group of friends regarding the differences in customer experience between hospitality and retail and whether Hospitality could learn from Retails approach to customer experience. Read more