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Guest Blogger Odette from ImThere

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Odette from ImThere, a business focused on making online tickeing and registrations easy and affordable for small businesses.  We loved her story (not to mention the easy to use platform she has developed) and asked if she could write a guest blog about her business.

Two years ago I founded ImThere and developed an online event registration solution for event organisers. Prior to this exciting new development I was organising events for corporate clients that were lamenting the lack of an affordable and flexible online event registration solution that we could use for their events. We struggled to find a solution in the wider online marketplace, and this led to the birth of the idea…

With a strong background in sales and marketing matched with event management I thought to myself that I could do this. After over 14 months of intense requirements gathering and development work (and learning more about web coding than I ever wanted to) we finally launched ImThere!

My first client was The Peak Trail Blazer, here in sunny Hawkes’ Bay. Jo (the event organiser) pushed my release date forward by two months (I was in no hurry but Jo was)! Thanks to Jo we piloted early and learnt a lot from this. Two years later we are growing from strength to strength, and constantly pushing to improve our offering to clients.

ImThere really does offer you an online event registration solution that allows you to track and sell your tickets securely online, yet is simple to setup and use. Our software lets you create customised event pages with your own branding. Whether you are organising a free event, a ticketed conference for delegates, school reunions or sporting events you can market your event in a matter of minutes via our system.

If you are looking for affordable online event solution that could deliver superior service and functionality without breaking the bank, find out more at

It really is event planning made easy!

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