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FY20 We're Coming For You, And We're Planning Success

We're only a few weeks from the start of the financial year (I know, how did this happen, like I always say, should have left the tree up). The hot cross buns have been on the shelves since late December, there just hardly seems time in today's hectic world to review and plan.  But failure to understand your previous year’s business performance and plan for the coming year can only lead to achieving the same results you always have, it’s the old "if you always do what you have always done, you will always get the same results".

We've spent the first quarter reviewing our client’s business performance and also looking at our business and the services we provide.  Not all businesses are created equal and small wins need to be celebrated. We are big believers that not all mistakes are failures, but failing to learn from them is.  Pulling apart and understanding various aspects of your business and putting them back together will ensure that you are setting your business up for success in the coming financial year.

Ask yourself the following questions:-

  1. What did we learn from the year’s sales trends?
  2. What are our customers wanting from our business?
  3. Is our brand relevant? 
  4. What are our competitors doing better than us?
  5. Where do we want to be at the end of FY20?

Question 4 raises some interesting questions about success, what does success mean to you?  Without fail, most business people will answer in terms of sales growth, without considering the steps to achieve that financial success. Increasing team performance, introducing a customer-centric philosophy will ensure your business delivers the sales growth and financial success we all strive for - so are these better measures of success?   

These are the macro questions we look at, what you do review? One of our most important review tips is to involve your team - you'll be surprised what comes out of a team discussion.


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