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Our News Stories 17th March 2019

How Technology is Improving Retail Business

The digital transformation of the retail industry is redefining customer experiences and improving revenue, transforming customer service and support as part of their digital transformation journey to deliver customer-centric offerings READ MORE

Millennials and Gen X prefer the same content from companies

The next stage of social media evolution has just begun. In this stage, marketers must redefine success and realign with what consumers want to fulfill their mission on social. Download the Sprout Social Index READ MORE 

Here’s what you need to know about the Google+ shut down

What does the Google+ shutdown mean for users like you? How will it affect social media marketers and businesses? But most importantly, what do you need to do to prepare for the shutdown? Let’s take a look READ MORE 

How experiential retail is changing the way Kiwis shop for alcohol

Liquor King is aiming to become New Zealand’s most adored liquor retailer by providing a fun, targeted and informative experience. Delighting customers through deeper design and enticing them to return. Here’s how it works READ MORE

The complete guide to Facebook listening

Outside of the day-to-day responses to posts and messages, how often do you take a step back and look at the big picture of your strategy? Listening on Facebook will help you develop a customer-centric marketing plan. READ MORE

How community-building has helped Nature Baby grow with its customers

Keeping community connection at the heart of Nature Baby’s strategy is as important as its focus on organics, as “It promotes happiness.” And it's this community building that has helped Nature Baby grow with its customers. READ MORE 

The complete guide to Instagram listening

What do your customers want and expect from your business? What are your prospects’ first opinions of your brand? How about your competition? The answers are out there. It’s time for a crash course in Instagram listening. READ MORE 

Protecting your brand in a world of counterfeits

According to a report released in 2017, the global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy could reach US$2.3 trillion by 2022, making protecting your intellectual property increasingly more important for startups. READ MORE

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